Zach Whitman is a poet/creative artist living in New York City. He started performing on stage at the young age of five, performing both music and theatre. Throughout high school, Zach competed in various forms of theatre and began to write and share his poetry. In 2011, Zach started pursuing his BFA in Theatre at The University of Oklahoma. It was here he made a transition to aggresively pursue poetry. Performing poetry every chance he could get, and eventually self-publishing his first collection of poetry “Phases” during his sophmore year. 

In 2015, Zach moved to New York City to pursue a more inspired life. During his first two years he had hundreds of un-shared poems. In 2017, Zach found a much needed home for his work on instagram and began once again sharing his poetry with the world. This freedom led to more creativity and ambition. In 2018, Zach was published in “Bloom” a collection of internet poets by R.J. Henderson. It was also in 2018 he began a collaboration with luxury candle designer Thompson Ferrier. This collaboration is on going and still available world wide. In 2019, Zach has performed his poetry with The Studio Collective, a showcase of artists from unique genres. He has also collaborated with local buisness for live sale’s events. Zach’s mission is to put poetry on everything.